LAVA – $14

Rain-X – $12

Rainbow – $9

Deluxe – $8


The Deluxe Package
Starting at $110 + Tax
Includes vacuuming of the trunk, seats, floor and carpets, headliner, dash and vent areas. Clean and wipe down doorjambs and panels. Wash and dry vehicle. Clean windows in and out, clean mirrors, clean and dress tires, clean wheel wells, dress gaskets and weather-stripping. Deodorize.

The Deluxe with Shampoo
Starting at $175 + Tax
Includes all of the above plus shampoo and extraction of carpets and fabric seats.

The Show Room Finish
Starting at $225 + Tax
Includes all of the above plus hand waxing and orbital buffing of vehicles.

The Works
Starting at $250 + Tax
Includes all of the above plus engine cleaning and dressing, protective dressing on dash, panels, leather, chrome polish, dressings on all moldings inside and out. To make your car look like new in and out!

These prices are subject to the size and condition of your vehicle and are meant as a guideline. All detailing is done my appointment. We offer detailing specials and invite you to stop in and inquire. We reserve the right to adjust our price according to vehicle condition.

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